Bruno Foeglé

(Bitche, France, 1964)

"I paint with my head, I think with my hands."

The multitude of sensory information, of a considerable meaningfulness, which emerges from our immediate environment and which we don’t perceive right away, this eagerness of the eye for the slightest stimulus, for me, finds its fulfilment in a controlled and measured effort of the hand and of the mind: I paint with my head, I think with my hands. To dream and to live this matter, to think (to dress) it, through fields (songs?!) of colours, to gather scraps, sand and pebbles, to invent signs with the idea to repair, to ennoble, to open worlds by associating opposites, to glimpse places of silence, where the slightest sound becomes music, to draw from the ocean of origins and to listen the singing of the earth, to find the balance again, beyond the too many certainties, are as many tracks of investigation, obvious routes of my artistic practice.