Manuel De Val

(Barcelona, Spain, 1956)

"When I grow up, I want to be painter"

Manuel de Val, conceptual but manual artist, is a solitary thinker whose work is the travel diary. In the privacy of his studio, poised between his mother and his daughter, he gives free rein to his naughtiness and his eternal obsessions: identity, authorship, appropriation, truth and falsehood, manipulation, simulation and appearance, irony, heteronyms and the Mona Lisa. De Val is one of those isolated figures who, indebted to Magritte, Duchamp or Man Ray, share a conceptual vision of art, such as George Brecht, Joan Brossa, Marcel Broodthaers or Marcel Mariën. Each proposes his own vision of the world, but all share a pluridisciplinary attitude in which what matters, essentially, is the concept, the idea. Self-irony, a sense of humor and a very healthy desire to confuse categories are also features common to all of them.